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SPECS: 12" x 0.55" - 0.67 oz
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REC'D MOTORS: 1/2A3-2T, A3-4T

(Contributed - by Drew Davis - 03/01/02)

Two PartsBrief:
The Geminee is a two-part boosted glider with laser-cut wings.


Components: Two 3" body tubes, two balsa fuselages, four balsa wings (two per glider) each with two fins and elevators at each end. The motor goes in the rear of the glider. Since the two gliders break apart at ejection, there is no need for a shock cord. The balsa nose cone is glued into the front glider. Clay is included to balance the glider without the nose cone.

PRO: The laser-cut fins were very easy to separate and build with, because they were perfectly cut and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle at the base. There were a lot of illustrations, which made the directions easier to follow. A marking guide makes the tube marking easier.

Things to be careful about: Don't cut out the little diamonds marked on the wings -- these are for balancing the gliders. It was hard to get the wings, fins and elevators just right, but my dad helped.

It looks good without painting, so we didn't bother.

Construction Rating: 4 out of 5

Flight: Lift Off
We flew it three times, twice on a 1/2A3-2T, and once on an A3-4T. There's no parachute, so no wadding. The two gliders separate on ejection. The 1/2A flights were neat -- both gliders flew well after a straight (but quick) launch . You do have to pay attention to both gliders -- you need a friend (like my dad) to follow the other glider.

The one flight on the A3-4T was disastrous. It fell apart into five pieces (not just two like normal). The engine appeared to work ok, even with the normal ejection after 4 seconds. Maybe it's strong enough for the A engine.

The glider recovery works great, at least with the 1/2A engine.

Flight Rating: 4 out of 5

PROS: Cool flights, pretty easy to build. Gliders are fun. It's neat how it breaks into two gliders.

CONS: Might not be strong enough for an A engine, but that's just from one flight.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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03/04 - "I wanted to spend a little time making the Geminee look great, so I sanded the wings into and airfoil shape, sealed and painted. End result looked good and the gliders flew well, but on launch it became obvious that the balance was off. On each of the two launches it arced severely (2nd time it lawn-darted with no damage). I might try to sand it more to get the balance just right, but in general would recommend just leaving the Geminee unpainted and unsanded." (D.H.)

08/03 - "I made a 18 mm "middlescale" clone of the Giminee. I too had problems when it "re-kitted" itself on a B6-4 first flight. I have since glassed the wing root area with really lite(1/2 oz.) glass and had dozens of wonderful flights. The B4-2 and B4-4 are the motors for this bird. With the longer delay, the gliders separate in a 'downward bomb burst'and fly away in opposite directions, circling down for long gliding flights." (J.W.M.)

01/03 - "That picture of the gliders in after the A3-4T flight looks just like mine. I agree that this kit, as it is, is not strong enough for a full A engine." (S.S)

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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
06-11-2006 Edward Chess Est SU 1/2A3-2 Apogee - NC Down 5-10 mph winds Event: FVR-June-06
- One glider not trimmed properly, nose heavy. Other glider flew well. Engine somewhat small.
05-10-2008 Edward Chess Est SU 1/2A3-2 None - Glider 5-10 mph winds Event: May 2008 Club
- Forward glider did very well, rear glider out of trim, landed heavy on nose and broke nose off. Can be repaired.
06-14-2009 Edward Chess Est SU 1/2A3-2 None - Glider 5-10 mph winds Event: Koehler's Farm
- Foward glider worked well; rear glider needs some trimming. Will fly again.
04-22-2006 Matt Gillard Est SU 1/2A3-2 None - Tumble 0-5 mph winds - did not get that high, clean separation, front glider stalled a bit, rear glider gave a short glide. no damage.
04-22-2006 Matt Gillard Est SU A10-3 None - Glider 0-5 mph winds - arched on boost separation 15m from ground, both gliders gave good glides.
06-30-2006 Matt Gillard Est SU A10-3 None - Nose Cone Stuck 0-5 mph winds - gemini failed to separate, lots of damage, should be able to repair.
09-24-2007 Matt Gillard Est SU A10-3 None - Glider 10+ mph winds - staight boost, top half gave 22 second glide, botttom half 12 second glide
09-24-2007 Matt Gillard Est SU A10-3 None - Glider 10+ mph winds RIP - Arched boost, top half glided into a tree -recovered, bottom half nose dived. Status: Retired
04-03-2005 Andrew Grippo Est SU A3-4 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds - Great boost even in a little high winds. Nice glide recovery of both gliders. No damage
11-03-2005 Andrew Grippo Est SU A3-4 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds - Nice spiral recovery of both gliders but one the frame of one glider broke when it hit ground. Will fix and fly it again.
03-30-2006 Hank Helmen Est SU A3-4 Very Late
(58 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: None
- Another typical Geminee CORKSCREW Boost, scary horizontal ejection, quick spiral glide. Second Geminee kit built. Both do same corkscrew arch boost, despite careful construction. Gliders seperated before hitting ground. No damage this time.
03-11-2006 Hank Helmen Est SU D12-3 None - Glider
(30 ft)
Calm RIPEvent: RAF Meet
- First Ruckersville Area Flyers meet. Spectacular arch then leveled out at 30 feet and began to turn around the field before exploding balsa pieces in loud report & burn. Heavy damage to glide vehicles Status: Scavenged
03-21-2004 David Henry Est SU 1/2A3-2 Very Late Calm Wombat Soup - I think my sanding and fancy paint job on the Geminee mis-balanced it. Arced over to the side, lawn-darted and shot engine out back - no damage to rocket. Might balance it and try again.
01-26-2003 Sean Smith Est SU A3-4 Didn't Record Calm RIP Sean - Gliders shredded during boost. Status: Not Repairable
06-26-2004 Chan Stevens Est SU A3-4 None - Glider 5-10 mph winds -

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