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Custom Rockets
Game Over
P.O. Box 1865
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405
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SPECS: 11.75" x 0.976" - 0.7 oz
ROCKSIM FILE: MISSING - please submit here
SpaceCAD FILE: MISSING - please submit here
REC'D MOTORS: 1/2A6-2, A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7

(Contributed - by Jason Orosco [Who's Who Page] - 05/29/09) Custom Game Over

Custom Game Over rocket is a level 1 single stage rocket with a streamer used for recovery.

List of parts:

  • 1 BT-50, 9" long
  • 1 PNC-50 Injected Nose Cone
  • 1 PNC-50 Nose Cone Plug
  • 1 ET-20, 2.75" long Engine Tube W/Slit
  • 1 EC-2 Engine Clip
  • 2 CR-2050 Centering Rings
  • 3 Balsa Fins
  • 1 Streamer, 48" long
  • 1 SC-2 Shock Cord (elastic)
  • 1 Lug 1.25" Short Launch Lug
  • 1 Decal set (Peel and Stick)
  • 1 SCM-50 Shock Cord Mount

Supplies: White/wood glue, plastic cement, 320/600 grit sandpaper, sanding sealer, scissors, hobby knife, and gloss black and silver spray paint.

PRO: Engine is the first step in this construction the BT 2.75" already has a slit cut in to add the engine clip, pretty straight forward assembly of the motor mount.

CON: Next step is the fin alignment template, The instructions say make 3 marks from template provided in the instructions that's no problem. Here's the problem says mark the lines 1" from the bottom, for some building there first rocket the are no lines for fin alignment because attach the fins 1" from the bottom.

Custom Game Over PRO: Is gluing the engine mount into the tube. Mine went vary easily didn't have to sand the rings.

PRO: Shock cord mount easy 3 fold mount cut from the instructions and fold and glued. Glued the shock cord 1.5" inside the tube.

PRO: Cutting out the fins, I sanded both sides with 320 grit sandpaper before cutting them out. Then I sanded all the edges smooth.

PRO: There is a small slit cut on the root edge of the fins so you know what side the fin to glue to the rocket. I ran a small bead of wood glue down the root edge a let dry for a few seconds before attaching them.

PRO: Glue the launch lug 3" from the base between 2 of the fins. Then I ran a fillet of glue down each side of the fin.

Custom Game Over

PRO: I taped off the base of the nosecone and painted it with white primer, let dry, and sanded it smooth using 320 grit sandpaper. Applied 2 coats of Valspar gloss black.

PRO: Rest of rocket was primed with white primer let dry and sanded smooth using 320 grit sandpaper. I used Testors Chrome and applied two coats and let dry for a couple of days.

CON: Peel and stick decals need to be cut individually and applied to the rocket. This will be tough for a kid as the decals that go on the fins are small a need to be cut out carefully. I would suggest using tweezers to apply these small decals.

CON: Streamer gets tied into the eyelet of the nosecone and then the shock cord gets tied into the eyelet. I would tape or tie the streamer on the shock cord 2" down from the nose cone.

Construction Rating: 4 out of 5

Custom Game Over

Preparation of the rocket is 4 sheets of wadding. The first flight was on an Estes A8-3. It was a nice straight flight and had good altitude.

Second flight was also on a Estes A8-3 for a good straight flight.

Third flight was a Quest A6-4. Another nice straight flight.

CON: First flight the rocket came down too fast on the 1" x 48" streamer.

PRO: Second flight switched out the streamer for a 12" chute, which made for a nice gentle landing.

CON: Third flight was a nice liftoff, but a shroud line wrapped around a fin, came down hard,and cracked a fin that had already been repaired.

Flight Rating: 4 out of 5

PRO: Good beginners rocket, nice straight flights, and good small field flier.

CON: Needs a wider streamer or use a 12" chute instead. Marking lines for the fins on the body tube should be marked up from the bottom at least 4".

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

(Contributed - by Mark Bischof - 07/04/10) Custom - Game Over

Single stage, LPR, Streamer recovery, high fling all around fun rocket.


  • 1 body tube - paper
  • 3 fins
  • 2 paper centering rings
  • 1 motor mount and elastic shock cord
  • nosecone

The instructions are easy to follow, basic illustrations, good order, template for fin positioning, which is helpful no issues with sturdiness. The engine mount is very loose and needs to be thickened using masking tape. no special tools except sand paper and sanding sealer.

Easy to paint. Make sure to use sanding sealer to smooth the balsa pressure sensitive decals, easy to place but need to be cut out with a hobby knife. Looks great, but I added a gloss clear coat and waterproofing clear coat for rainy days.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

All around great flights on C6-7. Out of sight performance, straight as an arrow. normal prep, 4 sheets of wadding, hook engine retention, but the motor fell out every time. High flying, but it was hard to follow, so I used binoculars.

Replaced shock cord because of burning with Kevlar. It fell straight down on streamer within 200 yards of the launch area

Flight Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

My favorite part is the rocket screaming off the pad at up too 350 feet/second

Overall Rating: 5 ½ out of 5

Have a spotter to watch the rocket so you find it with ease.

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06/09 - "S.M. is quite right about the fins. I cut them off and have redone them. Newbies need to pay close attention to the instructions. " (J.O.)

06/09 - "The last picture shows that the fins are on upside down. (Newbies take note--this is not how you're supposed to do it!) The balsa grain follows the leading edge, not the trailing. In terms of in-flight failure it's probably not important for an 18mm rocket but perhaps this contributed to need for fin repairs on landing mentioned in the review? " (S.M.)

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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
07-11-2009 John Bergsmith Est SU C6-5 Didn't See 5-10 mph winds RIP - Awesome flight, ripped off the pad arrow straight well over 1000 feet. I heard the ejection, never saw it. Actually I never saw the rocket again I have no idea where it came down at. Status: Lost
01-12-2007 Donald Besaw Est SU A8-3 Just Past (1-2sec) 10+ mph winds - Great first flight, flew great despite the high winds. Excellent streamer recovery. No damage.
01-30-2007 Donald Besaw Est SU C6-5 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds - Awesome flight, really ripped off the pad arrow straight to maybe 1,200+ feet. I never saw the ejection and saw only part of the descent. Luckily some workers found it for me. No damage.
02-19-2007 Donald Besaw Est SU B6-4 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds - Excellent flight, great motor for this kit, puts it about 600-700 feet up, plenty high enough to enjoy but low enough to recover close by. No damage.
12-28-2007 Donald Besaw Est SU B4-4 Just Past (1-2sec) 0-5 mph winds - Wind test, great flight. No damage.
04-17-2009 Jason Orosco Est SU A8-3 Apogee - NC Up Calm - Good flight. Came in a little fast on landing will switch to 12 chute.
04-17-2009 Jason Orosco Est SU A8-3 Apogee - NC Up Calm - Nice flight, Better landing with 12 chute.
04-17-2009 Jason Orosco Qst SU A6-4 Apogee - NC Up Calm - Nice flight,

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