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SPECS: 84.75" x 4" - 89 oz
ROCKSIM FILE: Right Click to Download
SpaceCAD FILE: MISSING - please submit here
REC'D MOTORS: 29mm: H180, I200 ; 38mm: H123, I154, I161, I211, I284, J350; 54mm: J180, J275, J415, K185 - Hybrid Compatible

[Picture](08/27/01) When I purchased my BSD Thor, I knew I would also need to purchase new motor hardware. So I also purchased a 38mm set with a 38-240, 360 and 480 case. I also purchased a PML 54mm to 38mm adaptor to allow me to fly the 54mm-based Thor on my new hardware. So needless to say, this was a large outflow of money to venture into the largest rocket I have built. Is it the tallest I've built? No, the Mirage was 87" compared to the Thor's 85". Was is the widest I've built? No, my scratch-built Meanie x2 is 5.5" compared to the Thor's 4". But the combination of height and width made this the biggest rocket that I have built and that was exciting as I pulled the pieces from the box.

On the Rail at NARAM-43The kit includes four (4) lengths totalling 68" of 4" glassine-coated paper tubing and a plastic nose cone to make up its length. There are two (2) 6" couplers to connect the tubes. The motor tube is a 54mm tube that is 17" long. There are six (6) large, 3/16" thick plywood fins, three (3) 1/8" composite centering rings, and two (2) 1/8" composite bulkheads. The recovery system includes a 4' x 1" nylon strap and 20' of 1" wide elastic, a quick link, two (2) Eye-bolt assemblies, and a 45" diameter nylon parachute. BSD has also started to provide motor retention hardware which included a pair of blind nuts, allen head bolts and retaining clamps. There is a 1/2" diameter launch lug provided and a wonderful set of vinyl and brushed gold decals.


This is my second BSD kit (Diablo) and the 10 pages of instructions are one of the highlights to a BSD kit. They are illustrated and photo illustrated. They give more than just step-by-step as they provide information on optional dual-deployment configuration, numerous building tips, Level 2, marking CP, CG and vents, etc. So even though this is a big rocket (all relative) the instructions could guide a moderately experienced builder to a successful build.

I have found that as individuals build more and more high-power rockets they make more and more modifications to the kits they purchase. Not necessarily a negative against the kit, as they are really trying to employ "favorite" techniques. The Thor can be built 100% stock with no modifications and be a perfect Level 2 kit. So, did I build mine stock? I made only two minor changes. I added a 2nd eye-screw to the upper bulkhead and one to the nose cone so that I could put a strap from the bulkhead to the nose cone. I also didn't install the launch lug and used Blacksky Rail Buttons instead.

As far as the build goes, it was straightforward and fairly easy. I found that I had to sand the inside and outside of the three centering rings just enough to take the black from the laser cut off to fit the tubes nicely. Other than that all the parts fit together well.

Cut-AwayFollow the instructions closely because you don't want to go slopping glue around until they tell you to so that all the parts fit correctly. This is especially true for checking the fins against the centering rings and verifying fit through the fin slots.

Speaking of the fins and slots, this was, in my opinion, the most challenging thing about the build. The body tube is pre-marked and you must physically cut the fin slots yourself. It's not a terribly difficult thing to do, but as BSD recommends ensure you have a sharp knife. Also be aware to take your time. You will be cutting six (6) slots. The biggest problem of installing the fins in aligning the upper and lower fins. BSD provides a fin guide and then suggests using a scrap piece of wood that is "tack glued" to the upper and lower fins to keep them in perfect alignment. I used an angled ruler and clamps. Mine did not come out perfect but not terrible. I think I had "slopped" some glue and one of the upper fins didn't sit flat against the motor tube. It's not obvious unless you go looking for it, so I moved on.

For fin fillets, I deviated from the directions and used ProBond glue for initial fillet. This does a good job filling any gaps between the fins and the body tube. I then followed that up using 30-minute epoxy with then gives a nice smooth fin fillet. I've been using this technique on most of my builds lately. It took a lot of glue to do these fillets! (additional comments about ProBond glue)

Rear DamageThere is one area that has come to bother me about the Thor kit. That is the bottom of the rocket and the amount of exposed body tube without support. There is just about an inch as seen in the picture. This didn't seem to be a problem until after flight. Every landing bent that section in some way or another. The instructions talk about this area and suggest "to coat the entire centering ring and inside of the airframe tube at the rear of the rocket with epoxy. This will help protect it from heat and impact." Maybe it "helped", but it was still a problem for me. I would suggest (and have no idea how well this would work) taking a piece of coupler and gluing it into the rear section below the final centering ring. This would effectively double this area and increase its strength.

Finishing was the most time consuming task because of the rocket's size. Even though I used my standard method for finishing Kraft paper tubes and also for finishing plastic nose cones, it just took a while. I also had trouble finding a stand to hold it while painting. For the bottom section I took two bar bell weights, stacked them, and put a 1" in dowel in them. I then took a cap from a can of primer and punched a hole in it and pushed it over the dowel. The 54mm motor tube was then held fairly sturdy with this arrangement. For the top, I tied a rope to the eye-hook and suspended it upside down from the garage ceiling. In this manner I was then able to paint both sections. BSD has a nice color scheme on their prototype. I choose a different color scheme. I painted the bottom with ColorWorks by Krylon Gold and the upper section with dark blue paint from Walmart (additional comments about Walmart paint). I then used used Krylon Clear over everything to finish it off. Be sure to wait a week before putting Krylon clear or anything over any other paint!

After painting I started on the decals. There are a lot and this too takes a lot of time. I applied all the black decals, but didn't use the yellow THOR or the Brushed Gold. I decided that it would look a lot better with a gold THOR so I contacted BSD about purchasing a set in Gold. They were able to accommodate this request. I will be cleaning it up after a somewhat rough trip (on the finish) to/from NARAM-43 and then applying the gold THOR.

The last thing I did, which isn't part of the kit, was to build up a PML 54 to 38mm adaptor and install Blacksky Rail Buttons.

Overall, for CONSTRUCTION I would rate this kit 4 ½ points. I really can't stress it enough, that for this size of rocket the instructions would allow less experienced builders to be successful. The parts quality is good. The kit comes with motor retention and a wonderful set of decals. Right on! The other thing that should be said, is that the instructions didn't ignore that some may want to modify the kit for dual-deployment and then gives recommendations on how to do that. If we could stop that rear tube damage this would be perfect!


As far as flight, again BSD give clear instructions on preparation and suggest an H123W-S for its first flight. They also recommend the I154J, I161W, I200W, I211W, J350W, J135W, and J415W. My flights were thoroughly planned for NARAM-43. My flight plan was an H123W-S, then an I161W-M, then an I211W-L, then an I357T-M. I was successful in getting all four (4) flights during NARAM-43. Pictured here (a bit blurry) is the I211 flight. Most impressive.

My RockSim'd rocket shows this for the planned flights:


Flight on I211My rocket had a CG at 54.75" from the nose cone. BSD indicated that CP is 64.75" from the nose cone (20" from the bottom). BSD's web site says the Thor weighs between 3 and 5 pounds ready to fly. My finished rocket weighed in at 89 ¼ ounces (5 ½ pounds) without the motor, so the weight of my PML adaptor and the gluing really seemed to take the weight up. Two other weight adders were a very large eye-bolt that I screwed into the nose cone and an small eye-screw in the upper bulkhead. These were added to allow me to tie a strap between them, just in case the nose cone popped off.

My first 38mm flight ever and the first flight of the Thor was on an H123-S. Lift off was slow with relatively low altitude (RockSim says 630 feet). The rocket had arched over and was nose cone down upon ejection. Descent was a bit too fast and it suffered its first small dent upon the bottom edge of the body tube.

The next day, I loaded an I161-M. My first "I" motor. It was a bit windy but the Thor took off and gave a beautiful straight flight. I could hear a whistling after thrust stopped that I presume to be from the gap between the upper and lower fins. Again, the nose cone was down upon ejection.

During the same day, I prepped the Thor for its I211-L flight. The long delay was a concern, but a medium seemed too short, so I was stuck in the middle. Wow, those 211's are nice. Deployment was late as it was a couple of seconds past apogee. While coming done under 'chute the upper section came loose (I guess I didn't attach the strap to the bulkhead) and fell on its own. Scratched the paint but no damage.

The last flight was the next day on an I357-M. Great punch off the pad, the delay was long again by a couple of seconds, but it recovered.

Again all recoveries were fast enough to dent that bottom section. The damage picture above is after the last flight on the I357. I think I will be bumping up the size of my parachute and I will also be flying the next flights with dual deployment.

For FLIGHT/RECOVERY, I would rate this kit 5 points. I'll blame the weight of my rocket on the fast descent rate and not take away on the rating.

I'd recommend this kit as a good candidate to do double certification on the same rocket. Go ahead and do your Level 1 on an H123, the switch to a "J" for your Level 2. Overall, I enjoyed building and flying this rocket. I211's will be what I push for (as I am not Level 2 yet) when flying it in the future. The kit has great instructions and quality components so you can't lose. I give the kit an OVERALL rating of 4 ½ points.

Agreed on the tail-damage issue - All new runs of the Thor will not have a "notch" in the aft fin set - therefore, the aft ring is now located nearly flush with the end of the airframe tube This should eliminate this kind of damage, with no loss of strength. All kits date-stamped from 10/25/01 on will incorporate these changes. We found the same with the original Horizon and Horizon 54, which were changed earlier this year. Thanks for your input! - Scott Binder (BSD High Power Rocketry)

(by Allan Trau - 07/01/02)

Rocket PicBrief:
Single stage, dual deployment capable, three split-fin design.

The kit includes:

  • 3 body tubes, 34" aft, 10" electronics payload, 24" forward
  • 2 coupler tubes
  • 3 plywood centering rings
  • 3 aft 3/16" plywood fins
  • 3 fore 3/16" plywood fins
  • plastic nose cone
  • 45" nylon chute
  • 20' elastic shock cord
  • Quick links
  • eyebolts
  • rail buttons
  • plastic rivets
  • motor retention system
  • vinyl graphic decals

Instructions a excellent, easy to read and follow. Pictures are included with most steps. Diagrams of the rocket are provided for dual deployment. A fin alignment template is included.

The materials are of high quality and fit with minimal sanding. The rocket is solid when completed. Addition of finishing epoxy plus some sanding to the couplers makes the payload sections a snug fit.

When applied properly, the vinyl decals look like paint. If you've never applied this type of decal before, it's a piece of cake and the outcome will surprise you. I can't get over how good they look.

Construction Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

Have only flown it once so far, but the motor selection for the Thor includes a wide range. I flew it on an Aerotech J420 Redline.

Wadding is suggested, but I replaced it with leather chute protectors. The motor retention system provided are two blind nuts, screws, and clips. Simple and effective.

The rocket flew straight as an arrow, did not notice any spin.

Shock cord is a braided nylon strap and 20' of elastic shock cord. I added another nylon strap for dual deployment. The chute provides a quick decent, not fast or anything, but the sturdy design of the rocket can withstand the landing. Upsize the chute for harder surfaces. I encountered no damage at all.

Flight Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

A pleasure to build - really fun. The instructions are excellent, materials are excellent, design is great. The screws with the motor retention system have a shoulder, so they can't be tightened all the way, but easily replaced with some from the hardware store. The plastic rivets ensure you do not separate at locations on the rocket not intended.

Overall Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

(Contributed - by Chuck Pierce - 04/01/03)

On the RackMark Saunders, of BSD High Power Rocketry, graciously donated a 4" Thor kit for a raffle prize, for the Huntsville Area Rocketry Association's (HARA) Rocket City Blastoff (RCBO), October 2002. I was the lucky winner of this kit, and as such, would like to reward Mark's generosity by posting this review to RMR.

I approached Mark during the Summer of 2002 to ask if he'd be willing to donate a raffle prize for HARA's RCBO in October. Mark quickly agreed to send us a Thor, and we had received the kit a month in advance of the event. We had received many nice donations for the RCBO raffle from BSD, Cesarioni, Aerotech, Topflight Recovery, and many others; so, the raffle was a rousing success! Luckily, my number came up for the Thor, and I carted the kit back home to be built. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to start work on the kit until February, which is why this review is being submitted nearly 5 months after receiving the kit.


Loading MotorWhen I opened the Thor box, all of the pieces had been included and where well packaged, and typical the high-quality instructions were included. BSD has always provided some of the best kit instructions of any kits on market. The specs for the Thor are that it's 4" diameter by 7' long, has a 54mm motor tube, and should GLOW at approximately 5 lbs. Since this was a raffle prize, I'd hoped to build it stock, but I rarely build anything stock anymore, and this was the case with the Thor. My target motor was the Hypertek 835cc motor system. So, the two main modifications were (1) lengthening the fincan airframe from 34" to 44" and (2) lengthening the 54mm motor tube from about 10" to 28". Both of these mods were needed to accommodate the 30-inch-long 835cc motor. I also decided to fiberglass the airframe and fins with 6 oz fiberglass cloth and Mr. Fiberglass slow epoxy. I adapted the altimeter bay to accommodate an RRC2 altimeter for a dual-deployment recovery setup. Due to the lengthened components, fiberglassing of the airframe and fins, and altimeter, the Thor had a final no-motor weight of 8.5 lbs, and with a nitrous-filled HT 835cc tank, GLOW'd at 11 lbs. The RockSim simulation can be seen just above. The simulations for the 835cc/J330 and 835cc/J317 seem to be right on the money, but the 835cc/K240 is quite optimistic (when I checked the .ENG file, the total impulse of K240 had integrated to be about 25% higher than the advertised impulse of the motor. I need to fix the file).

In the AirIgnitionOn March 8, 2003, I loaded the finished Thor and a couple other rockets onto the roof of my wife's Xterra and headed to the Music City Missile Club's sod farm in Manchester, TN. The weather was beautiful ( your hearts out all you Yankees and Canucks reading this... :-)) with a 5 - 10 knot breeze. After helping several HARA members complete their L1 and/or L2 cert flights, I prepped the Thor with a 835cc/K240. With the altimeter armed, the tank was loaded, a 5-count was given, and the hybrid K motor roared to life. Ascent was a nice and slow, long-burning boost on the K240, and the recovery (drogueless to a Bob-Fortune 66" main at 500') was flawless. Several of the Civil Air Patrol cadets, who'd come out for the launch, enthusiastically made the half-mile trek to recover the Thor. Peak altitude was 3178'.

The Thor is wonderful kit! I've received MANY appreciative comments on the Thor, and know of 2 folks already planning purchase to a Thor kit for themselves. I sincerely hope that I've done justice to the kit and that many folks seeing my kit and/or reading this review will want one of their own! We all know that the rocket vendors don't have much of a profit margin, but still gladly support many of our raffles and other fund-raising events. It is to the credit of these many fine vendors, like BSD, that hobby rocketry is such a wonderful hobby! Thank you, Mark, for donating this kit for HARA and thanks to all of the vendors who have donated kits/equipment to support our rocket clubs!

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Date Name Motor Ejection/
Wind Notes
12-13-2003 Lance Alligood Ces RLD I285-10 Apogee - NC Down 0-5 mph winds - Roar of the motor turned into a whistle from the fins. WOW. Perfect flight to ~2200ft. Descended safely & landed 1000ft from pad. Slight kink in booster tube from landing.
05-08-2004 Lance Alligood Ces RLD J285-12 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds - Level 2 cert attempt. Plenty of thrust to send it arrow straight up. Motor ejection right at apogee & recovered on a 36 chute. Drifted ~1/4 mile from high winds but stayed in the field. SUCCESS! Cert Flight: L2
09-18-2004 Lance Alligood Ces RLD I285-10 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds - Thor drag race! I was 2nd off the pad but recovered closer to the pad. Picture perfect flight!
05-22-2005 Lance Alligood AT RMS I285-M Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds Event: Ft Pierce Air Show
- Demo launch at an air show and my first Redline. Excellent choice for this rocket too! Super boost & ejection was just perfect. Unfortunately the booster landed on asphalt. One fin took a pretty good beating. Will fly again.
04-04-2004 Donald Ball L1400 - Blue Ex formula Apogee - Perfect
(9800 ft)
Calm Super Thor - A modified Thor, Dual walled, Tail cone added, Dual deployment, Riped off the pad for a perfect Flight. Clear out of site in seconds, no dougue chute , drop back to 1500 feet before the main opened. Ready to do that again and again!
09-27-2003 Iain Banks Ces RLD K445 Apogee - Perfect
(5483 ft)
5-10 mph winds RIP - Great maiden flight to 5483ft, main chute failed to deploy - despite glass sock reinforcement, rocket damaged beyond repair on impact! Status: Not Repairable
07-14-2005 Kevin Danjou AT RMS K695-Timer None - Electronics Fail
(681 ft)
0-5 mph winds RIP - forgot to set mach delay on altimeter. thus causing the altimeter to fire the droue charge while the rocket was still going Status: Not Repairable
06-12-2006 Kevin Danjou AT RMS K1275-Altim Very Early
(4042 ft)
Calm RIPEvent: Rocstok 23
- This rocket wasn't a stock thor,rather one made out of pml quantum tubing. Because of this flight I learned a lesson,K-1275+thor=spectacular shred. P.s. this failure was not the fault of Aerotech, BSD or pml, but it was my own stupidity. Status: Not Repairable
06-12-2006 Kevin Danjou AT RMS K1275-Altim Very Early
(4042 ft)
Calm RIPEvent: Rocstok 23
- This rocket wasn't a stock thor,rather one made out of pml quantum tubing. Because of this flight I learned a lesson,K-1275+thor=spectacular shred. P.s. this failure was not the fault of Aerotech, BSD or pml, but it was my own stupidity. Status: Not Repairable
06-24-2006 Dan Doleiden AT RMS I366-10 Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds Event: NERRF 2
- perfect flight! 4 foot red flame. approx 2500 feet. awesome! Cert Flight: L1
08-07-2001 EMRR AT RMS H123-S Apogee - NC Down 10+ mph winds - 1st Flight of the Thor and 1st 38mm launch for me. Perfect flight!
08-08-2001 EMRR AT RMS I161-M Apogee - Perfect 0-5 mph winds - 2nd Flight of the Thor and 1st "I" motor for me. Another perfect flight!
08-08-2001 EMRR AT RMS I211-L Just Past (1-2sec) Gusty - 3rd Flight of the Thor. Excellent boost and deployment was a bit late. On the way down the upper section and nose cone fell off. I had them strapped but the quick-link was not attached. Hmmmm, operator error. No damage.
08-09-2001 EMRR AT RMS I357-M Just Past (1-2sec) Gusty - 4th Flight of the Thor. Even a 5 1/2 pound rocket can be "punched" off the pad. Good recovery.
11-10-2001 EMRR AT RMS I161-S Just Before 10+ mph winds - Went with the S delay this time and it was too short, but still successful flight. The rocket bounced around on the ground after landing a broke a fin.
08-15-2009 EMRR AT RMS I211-M Apogee - Perfect Light winds - Awesome flight, nice whistle going up after the motor burn. Fun rocket... landed with the nose cone sticking in the ground.
08-15-2009 EMRR AT RMS I161-M Apogee - Perfect Light winds - This is another great match for this rocket. I'm glad I fixed the fin and am flying it again.
05-24-2003 John Hawkins AT SU J125-Altim None - Unknown 0-5 mph winds RIP sixxkiller - The Thor left the pad pretty quick and the J125 is a very long burn motor after 10.2 sec the motor burnd out and it was never seen again :-( Status: Lost
07-10-2004 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J285-10 Apogee - Perfect
(3236 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Great maiden flight for this rocket for level 2 cert. Roar of motor turned to awesome whistle, ejection and deployment perfect at apogee, landed about 300yds from pad, no damage, Level 2 cert successful Cert Flight: L2
07-17-2004 Mike Kiss AT RMS I300-10 Very Early 10+ mph winds - Great fast boost, jumped off the pad, motors roar turned into that great whistle, unfortunately the whistle didn't last long as the ejection fired very early causing a 6 inch zipper, another repair to do
08-28-2004 Mike Kiss Ces RLD I285-10 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds - Nice first flight after major repair to airframe, up to about 2300 ft., landed about 50 ft. from pad, no damage
11-13-2004 Mike Kiss Ces RLD I285-10 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds Event: Bunnell Blast
- Great boost with that great whistle up to about 2500 feet, ejection at apogee, landed about 250 yards from pad, no damage
02-12-2005 Mike Kiss Ces RLD I285-10 Apogee - Perfect 5-10 mph winds - Beautiful straight flight to about 2500 ft, ejection perfect at apogee, landed about 250 yds from pad, no damage
03-12-2005 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J330-11 Apogee - Perfect
(3129 ft)
10+ mph winds - First flight with altimeter deployment, drogue at apogee, main at 500 ft. everything worked perfectly, landed about 100 yds from pad, minor paint damage
03-19-2005 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J330-11 Apogee - Perfect
(2830 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Great flight, drogue at apogee, main at 500 ft, landed about 200 yds from pad
05-14-2005 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J330-11 Apogee - Perfect
(2830 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Another beautiful flight, main at apogee, drogue at 600 ft, landed about 200 yds from pad, no damage
08-13-2005 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J330-11 Apogee - Perfect
(3144 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Another great DD flight, drogue out at apogee, main at about 500, landed about 100 yds from pad, no damage
10-08-2005 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J295-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(5015 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Highest flight yet for Thor, Pro 54 3 grain, flight was awesome, whistle after burnout seemed to last forever, dual deployment co-pilot worked perfectly, landed about 300 yds from pad, no damage
01-29-2006 Mike Kiss Ces RLD I287-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(1728 ft)
10+ mph winds - Nice easy flight in high winds, everything worked great, landed about 300 yds from pad, no damage
03-11-2006 Mike Kiss Ces RLD I285-Altim Just Past (1-2sec)
(2022 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Another good flight with that great whistle, drogue just past apogee, main at 600, picture perfect, landed about 100 yds from pad, no damage
04-08-2006 Mike Kiss Ces RLD I285-Altim Just Past (1-2sec)
(1726 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Good flight, seemed to hang up on pad, low altitude for this motor, ejection just past apogee, main at 600, all worked fine, no damage, landed about 50ft from my car
07-01-2006 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J295-Altim Apogee - NC Down
(5188 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: SCIPower 2006
- Straightest, most vertical flight yet, dual deployment worked perfectly, landed about 200 yds from pad, no damage, third place in closest to a mile contest
11-12-2006 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J295-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(5065 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Another great flight for the Thor, must have been high winds aloft, drifted a long ways before main deployment, main at 600, everything worked well, landed about 600 yds from pad, no damage
01-27-2007 Mike Kiss Ces RLD J295-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(5062 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Another great flight for the Thor. electronics worked flawlessly, landed about 300 yds from pad, no damage
10-13-2007 Mike Kiss AMW RMS J450-Altim Just Past (1-2sec)
(2533 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Altimeter seems to be having trouble detecting apogee. Thunderflame motor moved this rocket faster off the pad than ever before, good flight, all worked out well, landed about 150 yds from pad, no damage
11-11-2007 Mike Kiss AMW RMS J400-Altim Just Past (1-2sec)
(2622 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Another great flight for the Thor, Thunderflame motor Armageddon Red small J, landed about 50 yds from pad, no damage
01-12-2008 Mike Kiss AT RMS J350-Timer Just Past (1-2sec)
(2842 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Another great flight, thunderflame class act load, great whistle there again, landed about 300 yds from pad, no damage
05-10-2008 Mike Kiss J400 WR Just Past (1-2sec)
(2337 ft)
10+ mph winds - Good flight on 38mm, 6 grain, Wimpy Red. Motor burned great and all electronics fired and deployed chutes as planned. Great EX motor for this rockets 20th flight. Landed on field about 200 yds from pad.
06-14-2008 Mike Kiss J450 Class Act Just Past (1-2sec)
(2628 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Nice flight on homebrew Class Act mix. All worked well, landed about 100 ft from pad. no damage.
07-12-2008 Mike Kiss J400 Wimpy Red 6G38 Just Past (1-2sec)
(2527 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Great Boost, good wistle. Separated on apogee deployment. Main fired fine at 600 ft. Booster panded hard and now has a few minor kinks in tube. Payload section recovered fine. Found some fool didn't connect quick link. Is alzheimers setting in?
10-11-2008 Mike Kiss J450 Bad Blue 6G 38 Apogee - NC Down
(2528 ft)
10+ mph winds - Nice flight on fast little blue motor load. Added all new shock cords. Everything worked as planned. Landed about 1/2 mile from pad. Scared everyone else from going high this day. Got it back with no damage.
11-08-2008 Mike Kiss J450 Bad Blue 6G 38 Apogee - NC Down
(2438 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Bunnell Blast
- Another good easy flight for the Thor. Short fast burn and forever whistle. All events occurred as planned. Landed about 200 yds from pad, no damage.
05-09-2009 Mike Kiss J550 Bad Blue Apogee - Perfect
(2325 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Another good flight on Bad Blue propellant, Landed about 50 yards from pads, no damage.
08-21-2004 Thad Loar AT RMS J570-M Apogee - Perfect
(i wish ft)
0-5 mph winds pmlkid - wow what a flight boy did she jump off the pad i need more j-570s great kit
08-20-2005 Thad Loar AT RMS K1100-14 Didn't See 0-5 mph winds RIP - this was a nice kit new one is on the way i just think it was too much motor should have fiberglassd it but it still was a nice flight up to 1000 feet love that K-1100 i still have the payload bay and shockchord just the lower half is gone Status: Not Repairable
10-07-2006 Todd Mullin Ces RLD I540-11 Apogee - NC Up 5-10 mph winds Event: Plaster Blaster
10-07-2006 Cliff Oliver AT RMS J350-Altim Just Before
(2652 ft)
10+ mph winds - Level 2 cert flight. Motor back up at apogee caused early ejection of drogue. Otherwise, perfect flight. Cert Flight: L2
02-17-2008 Cliff Oliver AMW RMS K670-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(6602 ft)
10+ mph winds Event: Florida Winter Nationals 2008
02-20-2010 Cliff Oliver AMW RMS K475-Altim Didn't See
(5893 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: February Launch
10-16-2010 Cliff Oliver AMW RMS K475-Altim Didn't See
(5100 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: October 2010 Launch
- Main did not eject as planned. Minor damage to the electronics bay and payload section. Damage is repairable
03-20-2010 Mark Rose AT RMS K550-Altim Apogee - NC Down
(5834 ft)
5-10 mph winds Flight Picture - Actually an AT K540 Metalstorm motor--awesome flight & motor!
03-20-2010 Mark Rose AT RMS J460-Altim Apogee - NC Down
(2345 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Great ascent and apogee event...nosecone came off at 700' AGL, but no parachute (even after 5 gnd tests). Fixable & flyable damage.
08-03-2007 Aaron Stanley AMW RMS J440-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(1050 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: Aeronauts 07
- Perfect first flight and my first AMW motor.
02-09-2008 Aaron Stanley AT RMS J350-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(1959 ft)
Calm - Perfect Flite.
11-07-2009 Aaron Stanley AT RMS I320 LoudMouth White. Didn't See
(1600-1700 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Didn't see ejection because it was in the clouds. But a perfect flight.
10-20-2007 Gary Tortora AT RMS J350-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(2143 ft)
10+ mph winds Event: Red Glare III
- An awesome flight, Drogue at apogee & Main at 500' The Thor 4 is one of my favorite kits and a Great Performer.
10-21-2007 Gary Tortora AT RMS J420-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(2423 ft)
0-5 mph winds Event: Red Glare III
- Another awesome flight, Drogue at apogee & Main at 500' On the J420R.
11-04-2007 Gary Tortora AT RMS J540-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(4179 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Pine Is. NY
- J540R One NICE! Motor, Snapped off the Pad.
12-15-2007 Gary Tortora AT RMS J315-Altim Very Late
(2750 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Sterling CT
- Temperature was 19 Degrees, Everybodys altimeters were not working right even redundant ones.No Drogue Deployed, Main @ 500 caused a Zipper but is fixable an WILL fly again
04-20-2008 Gary Tortora AMW RMS J365-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(3695 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Red Glare 4
- Great DD flight
08-14-2009 Gary Tortora AMW RMS K555-Altim Apogee - NC Down
(4323' ft)
Calm Event: NERRF 5
- Great Flight
04-25-2004 Jason Vennard AT RMS J350-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(3326 ft)
10+ mph winds - 3rd attempt for L2, used horizon's booster as Thor's was damaged to make this Thorizon. Good staight boost, nice deploy at apogee, came down drogueless, main deployed at 800 ft for Rocketman R7C no problems, L2 certified. Cert Flight: L2
04-25-2004 Jason Vennard AT RMS J350-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(2600 ft)
10+ mph winds - Another try for L2 on second Thor, main leads shorted and no main, hard landing but repairable damage. Alt RRC2 reading 2600 feet, worked fine for apogee ejection. Will trim long exposed wire on daveyfires next time.
05-01-2004 Jason Vennard AT RMS I285-Altim Just Past (1-2sec) 10+ mph winds - Nice flight on Thor 2, altimeter was about a second late on apogee deployment, drougueless. Fired the main fine at 500' for a soft touchdown.
06-19-2004 Jason Vennard Ces RLD J295-Timer Didn't See
(5695 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Nebraska Heat THOR
- Awesome flight up and out of sight, RRC2 worked flawlessly with seperation drogueless at apogee and Rocketman R7C at 500'. Reported peak altitude of 5695'. Very quick and straight boost, beautiful flight.
08-07-2004 Jason Vennard AT RMS J350-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(2672 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Very nice straight flight, good boost. Apogee event as planned, somehow main also deployed at apogee, main charge fired as it was supposed to during descent. Overall good flight.
03-19-2005 Jason Vennard Ces RLD K445-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(7428 ft)
0-5 mph winds - Great motor rocket motor combination, very nice flight, dual stage recovery went off without a hitch, drogueless at apogee to an R7C at 500'. Our best flight on anything to date, awesome roar on that motor.
06-19-2005 Jason Vennard AT RMS J350-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(2700 ft)
10+ mph winds - Nice flight and dual recovery via Missile Works RRC2. Drogueless to main at 500'. R7C
03-20-2004 Jason Vennard AT RMS J350-Altim None - CATO 10+ mph winds RIP - L2 cert flight, thrust ring on motor adapter let go, J350 went up through rocket. Motor flew on it's own, a couple of loopty loops and it planted into the ground, casing bent and ovaled rocket/casing RIP Status: Not Repairable
04-03-2004 Matt Vennard AT RMS I161-M Just Past (1-2sec)
(858 ft)
5-10 mph winds - 1st flight for Thor. Nice motor. Slight windcock off the pad. RRC2 deployed Main at 500', recovered approx 500 ft from pad. Alt beeping out 858'; was expecting 1200.
04-24-2004 Matt Vennard AT RMS J420-Timer Apogee - Perfect
(2325 ft)
5-10 mph winds Event: Whitakers TRF 2004
- L2 Cert flight...All went according to plan, with the Main popping voa RRC2 at 800 ft. Great boost, and recovery on stock 45 chute. Cert Flight: L2
06-18-2005 Matt Vennard AT RMS I211-Altim Apogee - Perfect
(1683 ft)
5-10 mph winds - Good flight..really like this motor in this rocket. Good boost, chute popped via RRC2 at 800, recovery about 300 yds from the pad with C's home-made chute.
06-18-2005 Matt Vennard AT RMS J350-Altim Very Early
(? ft)
5-10 mph winds RIP - Great boost off the pad, but RRC2 fired the apogee charge about 1-2 seconds after motor burn-out. Rocket shredded, but was able to recover NC, booster and motor casing. RRC2 lost from about 1500 ft up. Status: Not Repairable
05-17-2003 Gene Wells Ces RLD J330-Altim Apogee - Perfect 10+ mph winds gwells - Perfect flight to 3300ft. Thor moves off the pad fast on j330. AMW k475 next launch!

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